There must be something wrong with us,
to do what we did.

We heard there was $10,000 in that house.
Once we tied up everybody
and searched all over...

I knew the guy that told us about it
was wrong.

There was no money.
Dick wouldn't believe it...
so he went tearing through the house,
banging on the walls...

Iooking for a safe.
When he was done...
he said he was gonna go up
to Nancy's room and have his way with her.

I wouldn't allow it.
And I told him that.
So I sat with her.
Dick came up and got me.
We turned off the lights
and went down to the basement...

where Mr. Clutter and the boy was.
He kept saying, "No witnesses"...
but I figured if I waited him out, he'd...
He'd give up
and we'd leave them tied up there.

And we'd drive all night.
They'd never find us.

We tied Mr. Clutter's wrists
to a pipe over his head.