I know where
they're coming from.

Listen, I don't want to hear
about the occult or superstition.

This is my brother's life
we're talking about.

Now there's a reason you want
to get to that sword before Sung does,

and you're not telling me what it is.
And I want the truth,

not some lame line about how
you want to help me find my brother.

- That's highly classified.
- Okay, fine.

Thank you. At least I know
the truth about you now.

- Wow.
- What?

You just got such a way
with the women, man.

That's all, bro.
Look, I'm concerned
about the safety of your brother.

But you're right.
There are bigger issues here.

Bigger than him, bigger than you,
bigger than any of us.

Your brother's not the only
thing Sung has.

What are you talking about?
12 Soviet-era
suitcase nukes,

each one capable
of wiping out an entire city.

And it's making the people
I work for very uneasy.

This Sung has them?
- This is crazy.
- No, this is unfortunate.

Sung is crazy.
Look, call it
whatever you want.

Call it
an occult talisman charm.

The last thing any of us needs
right now is this man thinking

it's his lucky day, 'cause God
help us all if that happens.

I don't wanna be in this mess
any more than you do.

Now we're gonna try
and get your brother back.

In order to ensure his safety and the
safety of millions of other people,

we need to get
to that sword first.

How? We don't even
have the breastplate.

We do have something.
We obtained these from the Romanian
Ministry of Antiquities.

By "obtained,"
he more means stole.

We enhanced them as much
as we could.

- I know they're not very good.
- No no no, they'll do.

Does this mean
you'll help us?