Chinjeolhan geumjassi

He... was going to buy a yacht
The police have big sticks but they
don't know how to use them

If we leave it to them, there'd be nothing
but never-ending trials...

And all those bloody reporters...
How about we leave it to Geum-ja?
It'd be easier since she's been to jail
and all

That's cowardly! They're our kids
Then, let each person choose if
they want to be in or not

I'm for individual choice
Why don't you just let him choose
his own death or trial, then...

Little while ago, you wanted to hand him
over to the police

Then you wanted to leave it up
to Geum-ja...

Now you want to be left out alone?
What the hell do you want?

Won-mo's family has to follow the
majority, too

You know that, right?
She has a weak heart...
Hey, mine's weak, too
Then Won-mo's father can represent
the family

One person per family should
be enough

What if Won-mo's mom informs
on us later?

She couldn't. Her husband's in on it, too
They could always get divorced
We can leave some evidence, then
How about we all take a picture?
So that...