Cinderella Man

Excuse me.

I'm not quite finished yet.
Beg your pardon, sir.

Thank you.
You know what?
I got the bill here. Yeah.

Johnston. He's a big spender.
He's gonna leave a big, big tip.

Yeah. He's a real peach.
Gotta love the guy.
Right, sweetie?

Look at this.
This is me?

I know it is.
Oh, boy.
You think Johnston set that
up? Oh, yeah. I think. Maybe.

A few extra pics
for the dailies.

From the gentleman
who just arrived.

Mr. Baer said
to wish you bon voyage.

Don't open it. Put it in a
bag. We'll take it with us.

Hey, Joey?

Get the coats.

if it ain't Cinderella Man.

Thanks for the champagne,
Mr. Baer.

You're doing a great job publicizing
the fight. I really appreciate it.

I hope it's gonna be a very
successful night for both of us.

You keep telling people you're
gonna kill me in the ring.

I got three kids at home.
You're upsetting my family,
particularly my wife.

Listen, Braddock.
I'm asking you sincerely
not to take this fight.

Now, you seem like a decent
fellow. People admire you.

I really don't
want to hurt you.

It's no joke, pal.
People die in fairy tales
all the time.

Hey, Max, how about a picture?
Hey, Jim! How about a shot?
There you go. Take it easy. Just smile.
One more!
Yeah. I think the smart thing
would be for you to take a fall.