Coach Carter

You guys are awesome!
What's up, Cruz?
I don't know.
Coach giving us a day off, I guess.
Yo, I don't even know where
the library's even at.

- I bet you don't.
- "Library's at"?

He don't know
where the library's at.

Gentlemen, in this hand,
I hold contracts

signed by me and signed by you.
In this hand, I hold academic-progress
reports prepared by your teachers.

We have six players failing
at least one class,

eight players getting incompletes
based on attendance.

Gentlemen, you have failed to up...
No, I'm sorry.
We have failed.
We have failed each other.
Now, there are some of you
who have upheld this contract.

But know that we are a team.
And until we all meet the terms
of this contract,

the gym will remain locked.
- Locked?
- What?

- What you mean, locked?
- What, like for the day?

- He must mean for the day.
- Mr. Thompson,

Mr. Gesek and Miss Sherman have
generously volunteered their time

to help us reach our goals.
But, coach, I have a 3.3.
That's good, sir.
Do you score all the points
for the team too?

We are the Richmond Oilers.