"Don't worry.
That guy's gotta see us."

"Don't worry.
That guy's gotta see us."

These were
the confident last words...

of the brilliant, young
Hollywood star James Dean...

as he piloted his Porsche
550 Spyder race car...

toward a date with death...
along a lonely stretch...
of California
two-lane blacktop...

Route 466.
"Don't worry.
That guy's gotta see us."

The year... 1955.
The day... September 30.
The time...
The first star of our show
is "Little Bastard."

James Dean's racing Porsche.
He named it after himself...
and had his racing number...
130... painted on it.

Who is that, the announcer?
Do I know him?

Here behind the seats was...
a very sophisticated air-cooled
four-cylinder racing engine.

That's Vaughan.
He spoke to you at the hospital.

I thought he was
a medical photographer...

doing some sort of
accident research.

He wanted every conceivable
detail about our crash.

Body... light,
no more than 1,350 pounds.

It was nimble.
It was responsive.