Don't clean it.
Don't touch anything else.

Is that why you drive this car?
Do you see Kennedy's

as a special kind of car crash?
A case could be made.
Whoa! Watch this!
You're gonna hit him.

Oh, God.
Here. Take a look at this.
Tell me what you think of these.
You recognize this one.
This is James Dean.

This is the next one
Seagrave and I are gonna do...

Jayne Mansfield.
It's all very satisfying.
I'm not sure I understand why.
That's the future, Ballard...
and you're already a part of it.
You're beginning to see
that for the first time...

there's a benevolent

that beckons towards us.
For example, the car crash
is a fertilizing...

rather than a destructive event.
A liberation of sexual energy...
mediating the sexuality
of those who have died...

with an intensity that's
impossible in any other form.

Now, to experience that...
to live that, that is...
That's my project.
What about reshaping the human
body by modern technology?

I thought that was your project.