Cry Wolf

The full moon's tonight.
I'll be sure to set
my tide charts accordingly.

What's your point?
I think our original hoax...
the mass e-mail...
was read by the person
who murdered that girl.

Owen, please.

I got another IM today.
I think
something's going to happen.

Are you sure it's not just
another one of your friends?

Where's Mercedes?
She just spent the whole day
talking to the cops.

No way is she sneaking out.
Whenever you do see her,
make sure you thank her...

for getting us all stuck
on campus, all right?

I mean, what the hell was
she doing in my car, anyway?

Trying to convince you
the killer could be a girl.

Yeah, well, all I'm convinced
is that Randall's
a dead man...

for letting her
touch my ride.

I mean, where the hell is he,

Merce gave him a ride
to the bus station...

so we could keep
your car around.

Randall never went
to State.

I think something
happened to him.

The IM said, "Be careful
what you wish for. "

Good job, Scoob.
You figure that one all out
by yourself...

or did you get some help
from Shaggy?

I don't think
this is a joke.

You're the only one,
then, man.

Mercedes pulled the stunt
with Tom's car, right?

She hid in the back,
I put the fake blood
in the front.

So who was following
me and Dodger in the library?

I was really trying
to scare Dodger.

You're always
the shepherd.

I figured it was time
you felt like a sheep.