(# ''Lil' Red Riding hood''
by Bowling for Soup)

# Who's that I see
walking in these woods?

# Why, it's Little Red Riding hood
# Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood
# You sure are looking good
# You're everything
that a big bad wolf would want

Listen to me,
# Little Red Riding Hood
# I don't think even big girls should
# Go walking
in these spooky old woods alone

# What big eyes you have
(girl #1) You're obsessed with him,
(girl #2) I'm not obsessed,
I'm just highly interested,

(girl #1) Come on, Let's settle this,
Girls, please, sit, sit,
Let Zela read your palms,
Oh, no, Forget it, This is stupid,
so are you, sit down,
OK, Zela, this is it,
My friend here is basically obsessed
with this guy that won't call her back

and we need to know if she should forget
him cold or hold out for the next 20 years,

Well, anyways, whatever you see,
just say, 'Forget his ass,'

No, no, no, no, no, no,
I need you to read my friend's,

- Excuse me?
- I see blood,

so much blood,
OK, that's nice, but..,
You too,
You're both in danger,
Need to know?
No, Back to the guy,

It's not the guy,
It's.., it's the beast you should fear,
We're done here,
- Come on, Becky, Let's go,
- Beware the moon,

It feeds in the moonlight,
You can't tell people this shit,