I can't remember when I had my first
waking nightmare.

They're too disturbing to call daydreams.
I never talked about them with anyone.
They never made any sense to me...
then I found the Pathway.
Now they're all clear, every one of them.
Breakfast of champions.
When was the last time you slept?
I'm happy I can stand, man.
I'm on a three-day rage.

Your father will kick your ass
if you flunk anything.

Since when did he need an excuse
to do that?

At least you're out of the house.
Hey, I'd trade places with you any day.
- What up, Jake?
- Darius.

What's up?
So you playing ball next year?
- I don't know, man.
- Get with it.

That's what you said last term, dawg.
Man, the guys around the gym,
they tell me you're the real deal.

- What are you staring at?
- It ain't your truck, homey.

- Easy.
- What's he got there, Jake?

- Nothing, man.
- Bullshit.

Let it go.
- Just keep your dog on a leash.
- All right.

What the fuck were you gonna do,
shoot him?

Chill. It only told me to scare him.
"It"? What is "it"?