- Come and join us next year!
- We'll do our best.

Coming on Thursday?
Yes, Nina is off.
We'll be round at 8-ish.

- You can see our photos.
- Oh, no! Not too many, then!

If we want to put multinational
corporations in this table...

has anybody any thoughts
as to where they belong?

If they go into a poor country
and create lots of jobs,

injecting lots of capital,
and then one day
they decide to pull out,

the country will be
just as well off as before.

He means as badly off.
Any transnational corporation
will go for profits.

And those profits won't
go to the poor country.

Yes, I meant badly off.
So where do we want
to put the multinationals?

Minus? Or both sides?
You're not for real!
Find it and turn it off.
Where is it?
Come on, find it!

Oh, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
I know, I know!

Treats all round!
Carry on...

Right then...
Carsten, it's Pil.
Have you got a minute?
What's up?
I need 20 000.
I've got to disappear for a while.
It's best you don't know why.

- When do you get off?
- Later.