Of course I came.
You may not be here for very long.
What does your lawyer say?

Remember not to talk
about the case.

Put your blouse on again, Pil.
You've been beating her.
- You've beaten her up!
- Put your blouse back on!

This visit is terminated.
Right, Pil.
Come along.

- You will have to leave now.
- No!

That's it for now.
- Take her out.
- So you can beat her up again?

Stop that! Or you won't
be able to visit again.

Look at her!
You haven't heard the last of this.

She had been beaten up.
I advised her not to press charges.
But it's up to her.

She is black and blue all over.
It happened during the arrest.
Her word against theirs.

- Tactically, it'd be stupid to sue.
- You do realize she's innocent?

That doesn't matter to me.
My client pleads not guilty.
That's what matters to me.

What matters
is whether we win or lose.

But she will be acquitted, won't she?
If they all refuse to speak
there are two alternatives.