Dust to Glory

It's only about 100 miles
south of San Diego.

But Ensenada is a whole nother world.
And the closer you get to it.
The more confusing it becomes.

Mouse had the inspiration
and Fish gave his approval.

But it was my good buddy Scott Waugh
who convinced me to make this movie

about the longest nonstop
point-to-point race in the world.
My name is Dana Brown.
And when I thought I knew.
Hadn't a clue.

We got Dana Brown.
Dana just came out of Step Into Liquid.

They are doing a feature
called Dust to Glory

on the Tecate Score Baja 1000.
That's Sal Fish. He's in charge.
An honest promoter.
Why not? This whole thing started
with a stuntman nicknamed after a rodent.

- There's the odds.
- Hey, we're three-to-one.

Look at this.
I'm two-to-one favorite.

This is Mouse. A real force of nature.
Somehow you always end up doing
whatever he's doing.

Take his posse.., one legend
and two childhood friends.

Also getting sucked into Mouse's orbit
were the Griders. Andy and Neil.

Andy won the 1000 last year.
- Can you bet this?
- Yeah, at Caliente.

Hey, Billy, you can bet this
at Caliente.

Let's put some odds on ourselves.
Let's go bet on ourselves.

I think in Mexico you can do that.
It's not like...

Who's that guy... Pete Rose?
Seems like everybody
enters the 1000.

They've raced everything here
from Rolls-Royces to Winnebagos.

The Bago didn't make it very far.
These racers are
from all walks of life.

Including the prodigal son.
The Hawaiian surfer.

The father. Son. And grandson.
King of the Beetles.

Team Estrogen.
The perennial champs.

The greatest ever.
And those Indy dudes.

They don't close
the race course off for anybody.