Dust to Glory

Trying to keep loose
was 62-year-old J.N. Roberts.

A true legend in off-road racing.
Always gotta keep moving.
Harder target to hit.

Mouse arrived.
He's very quiet. Unusually subdued.

Mouse doesn't know this but when
I was a little kid, he was my hero.

He'd go out smokin' everybody.
"Wow, who's this Mouse McCoy?"
Then all of a sudden, disappeared.

I started racing
when I was four years old.

And by 17 I was just flat burned out.
Nothing you could do about it.
You don't have any context
of what you're doing as a kid.

All you know is you hate it,
you're done, you're sick of it.

Actually that's the best thing
that's ever happened to me

'cause now I love
riding motorcycles more than ever.

And maybe I wouldn't have loved it
so much had I kept going.

For every bike there's usually
three. Four. Or five riders.

Johnny Campbell would be riding
the first 205 miles

before handing it over
to Steve Hengeveld.

We'll see ya at the finish line.
J.N. Would ride 110
before giving it to his son Jimmy.

Mouse McCoy wouldn't
run 100. 200, or even 500 miles.

Mouse had a different plan.
He was gonna race
the entire Baja 1000 solo.

One man's name is synonymous
for racing the Baja solo...

the Ironman. Van Stewart.
Well, to do a 1,000-mile race
in a car is tough,

but at least you can sit down
and get a drink of water

and you're protected a lot more.
And to do it on a motorcycle,
I mean, I can't fathom it. That's tough.

Anybody can trail ride the thing
for the thousand miles.

But to be competitive and do it
was a whole different deal.

And I knew I looked up to him,
and now, wow, I'm really gonna
look up to him if he finishes this thing.

This is gonna be amazing.
People say, "Don't you
worry about your son?"

No, I don't worry about him
because he's gifted.

And he usually gets there.
I think Mouse is one of the best
when it comes to preparing.

He pre-ran down here
more than anybody I've ever seen.

Supercross legend Ricky Johnson.
Who's like Mouse's big brother.
Had some reservations.

Not because he's a bad rider.
He's a great rider.