Dust to Glory

And he's so, like,
compulsive disorder kind of...

Really goes over things
over and over and over.

And I can see myself when I'm
by myself becoming that a little bit myself.

I love you to death, but some
of your habits drive me crazy.

But the roles reverse. It's just funny.
It's just the way it is. It's life.

Look at the McCoys.
We've seen that yesterday with them.

Yeah, they have
the same relationship, kind of.

They're kind of bagging
on each other all the time.

Like a couple ol' hens
most of the time.

What can you do about it?
It's your blood. They can't fire ya.

Jimmy and J.N. Are less father and son.
They're more like clones.

Well, I know I'm
a lot more cautious than he is.

Let's try and be nice.
He's just, you know,
"Yeah, pin it, Dad. "

Well, I don't know
what's over that hill.

So I back off and roll it off a little bit
because I'm gonna go home
and cut wood this winter.

I got things I gotta do.
Where he's just got a little more...

You gotta have a little faith,
trust yourself.

I do trust myself,
but that's still who I am.

I don't have it that way, but I think
that comes with doing a lot and age.

J.N. May talk about getting old.
But how many 62-year-olds can
pick up a 300-pound motorcycle?

No matter his age.
J.N. 's a father.

And he's not about
to let down his son.

By any standard. J.N. Roberts
is a true motorcycle legend.

50% of a legend is better
than 100% of someone like me.

When Jimmy finally got his turn
he took full advantage of it.

Getting all the way up
to eighth place overall

and not being passed
for 300 miles.

J.N. 's shoulder was possibly separated.
Putting in jeopardy

the plan for him to ride the last 50 miles
to the finish later that night.

In the meantime
there was nothing to do

but sit back and reminisce
about the good ol' days.