Dust to Glory

It's died.
We've got no battery.

Didn't go fast enough.
You didn't go fast enough
to charge the battery.

Eventually a ride pulled up.
The lady in the truck
obviously didn't follow racing.

But she knew a good head
for hats when she saw one.

I'm sorry to do this to you, but...
The husband. On the other hand.
Knew instantly

that the man carrying his
dirty laundry was a living legend.

- Chris and Sam, you're my saviors.
- Mario Andretti, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I've heard of you
for years and years.

The couple happily drove
20 miles out of their way.

Compensated with a mere autograph.
Pure Baja magic.
Everything goes wrong
and then works out perfectly.

See, you turned out to be
the highlight of our day.

Well, you're the highlight of ours, too.
Mario couldn't get over the potential
in off-road racing.

It's incredible, you know,
what has been developed.

But I keep saying, I mean,
the imagination is the only limit.

These are for the rock stars
of the Baja. The unlimited classes.

The big-money race teams that use
choppers for chase vehicles.

It's the most dynamic thing you can do.
You have everything you want.

You have 800 horsepower,
you've got three feet of suspension,

you got a chromoly cage,
you got a breathing apparatus,

you got a co-rider telling you
you need to do these different things.

If you could look under "macho"
in the dictionary, there'd be a trophy truck.

The racer most identified
with the Baja 1000

is NASCAR driver
Robby Gordon.

I mean, this is his world.
It isn't in NASCAR.
This is where he's the king.

And you can see everybody
defer to him here.

Robby was just a kid
when I took him for a ride

out in Saddleback
in one of the blazers,

and I can remember seeing
his helmet up here.

You know, he just loved it.
Robby became
Baja's boy wonder.

He's gone on to make millions racing
from Daytona to Indy.

But he never forgets his roots.
I left home on Sunday night,
we flew out in a helicopter,

got on a commercial airline,
and flew to L.A.