Dust to Glory

It's driving that fine line where
you get off that line, it gets hairy.

It gets really hairy.
But it's fun.
It's fun on that line.

You need binoculars to drive
'cause you don't look at the bumps.

You just look at, you know,
like an aurora

that you might come off this side
and hit the other side.

You've got the ability to go so fast.
But the challenge is to be smart enough
to go slow enough to finish the race.

'Cause any dummy can go out there
and put their foot down and go fast.

But you gotta know when to lift
and put that brake on.

The highways are open
to all traffic during the race.

Matter of fact. All the roads are.
They have things like speed limits.
But since it's a race

and boys will be boys.
Most ignore 'em.

After all. Who's gonna catch 'em?
I wasn't speeding.
Well, the authorities were slightly miffed.
But Pflueger immediately
saw the error of his ways

and turned state evidence
and was deputized.

When we were listening on the radio
to where the cars were,