Dust to Glory

I hear there's a bunch of cops have
pulled over all the heroes in the sport

and they're on the side of the road
having a doughnut convention.

And just like that.
Two of Baja's finest

stopped 70 people
and $50 million of race equipment.

Meanwhile behind them. The open-wheeled
brother to the trophy truck.

The Class 1 buggies.
Surged off the line.

These vehicles are unlimited.
Meaning the engine size is unlimited

and so is the budget.
Ranging between $300.000
and $ 1 million.

These are expensive cars.
F you win. Four grand maybe.
Behind the big money
of the Class 1 buggies is a lot of heart.

A quality best exemplified
by an off-road racing dynasty.

The McMillin family.
My dad and brother decided they were
gonna race one race in 1976

for the Baja 1000, just race it once,
and then sell the car.

Just to say they did it, you know?
And when I was in that Class 9
with eight inches of wheel travel,

a 50-horsepower motor, I really
thought I was gonna win overall.

I mean, I thought,
"I got a chance here. "

At 7 4. Corky McMillin is still
chasing his dream.

You know, people ask me today,
with my age and everything... -

I said, "Well, the only person
I really have to please is myself. "

And if I feel like I'm competing
and doing good and hanging in there,

I'm happy, I'm satisfied.
The McMillins are a successful family
in more ways than one.

And I see Corky still line up to get
a shower in the morning before the race

in a line at a campground behind
all the guys that work in his company.

And you can't tell which one's Corky
and which one's driving nails the next day.

It makes us all have something
in common to kind of get together with,