Dust to Glory

The buggy wasn't prepared to stop
in the middle of the road.

And the Volkswagen wasn't prepared
for such little room.

Neither were prepared that the buggy
would start from the bumpers touching

and that the Volkswagen wouldn't start.
Then a good Samaritan came along.
Waved along the truck.
Which got its fender ripped off...

.., thus starting the Volkswagen.
A pattern had begun to develop.
There's one element that is more
feared and loathed than any other...

Silt is bottomless talcum powder.
When you get home,
the silt still comes out

of your eyes and your nostrils
for two and three days later.

You can't fathom
what Baja is until you've experienced it.
Explaining silt to someone,
that you hit it and you can't see anything

and you have
to keep your foot down.

I thought I had it all figured out.
The first time I hit silt,
I was going, "Oh, my... "

Don't let off the gas.
Whatever you do, do not let off the gas.

In Baja. Everyone agrees
about two things...

silt sucks. And you should
never question authority.

The civility displayed by the racers
during the trophy truck debacle

had convinced the police
to let them off with a stern warning

and an escort off the highway.
Now. For some reason.
Mark Post decided

starting second
wasn't asking too much.

Mark Miller. Already in second.
Wasn't buying it.

So Post decided to settle
for starting third.

Third place Herbst was indignant.
A feud had begun.