Dust to Glory

Weatherman. Could you contact
operations. Advise the hospital?

We have a spectator hit
by motorcycle. No pulse.

So we need immediate transfer.
I heard somebody saying they
had a spectator with no pulse.

I have no comeback on that yet.
Weatherman, that's affirmative.
26.9, spectator hit
by motorcycle. No pulse.

Okay, this is an emergency.
Stand by, everybody.

Spectator hit by a motorcycle
at 26.9, no pulse.

Rescue One. Rescue One.
Do you copy?

Helicopter 0-830.
ETA approximately
1 7 minutes. 1-7 minutes.

Score helicopter, copy Weatherman.
We copy, Weatherman.
We'll be on our way there.

T's gonna be...
Boy. It's gonna be an ETA
of probably about 20 minutes or so.

I don't know what to do at this time.
The spectator that died
wasn't hit by anyone in the race

or any vehicle in the race.
But by another spectator

on a motorcycle going
the wrong way on the course.

My biggest fear
is not me tearing up the truck,

me getting hurt,
it's me killing some kid,

me swapping out
and going into the group of people

or some guy pulling a truck out
and I bounce off of him

and kill these people
that weren't doing anything.

But why quit what you love
for a situation?

You don't quit driving on the road because
somebody gets in a car accident and dies.

I mean, I'm not gonna stop flying
because of 9/11.

Do I feel anguish for it? Yeah.
I don't ever want that,
or want that for anybody.

But I can't stop my life because of it.
They don't understand.
I don't understand.

I just do it. I just do it.
The Weatherman knows death
is neither fair nor just.