Dust to Glory

And there's nothing to do
but to go back to work.

Was concerned
that he had checked out.

To make sure he's all right
or are there other problems.

Everything will be fine.
Great. Brian passes along
a thank-you to you.

Fortunately there would be
no more fatalities.

Jetboat. Greg Tracy. Mace.
And his son Chad were on a mission.

They wanted to get
to Race Mile 205 and set up pits

in plenty of time for Mouse.
Who was now in third place.

- Do I hear a bike?
- I hear a bike.

No, I hear a tractor.
Ricky Johnson. Slated to race
that night in a protruck.

Stopped on by
to see if he could help.

- He's a mile and a half out.
- Coming up on five...

Coming up on five minutes.
So we got two more minutes to sweat.

Senior McCoy seemed nervous.
Although he denied it at every turn.

That's a good look, Greg.
He's trying to go for that whole retro,
"I'm chillin', I'm not nervous" look.

And the E.M.
Erin's man.

But they know nothing other than
a married man would ever wear that.

Could mean every chick's man.
Don't put that in the film.

- That's him.
- That's it, that's it.

Ricky Johnson decided to pitch in
and give Jetboat a hand.

As I'm doing the tire change,
he's in my ear going,

"Slower's faster, slower's faster. "
And that just gave me chills.
A seven-time national champion,
a hero, a god to a lot of people,

is helping me do a tire change.
- They didn't?
- No, you're 13 miles up to the Honda pit.

I feel good, bro.
I'm having fun.

"Relax. You got
a thousand miles to go ride.

You need to just relax and chill. "
"No, I'm good, I'm good. "

"Don't try to win this. "
"I'm not. I'm not. "

See you guys at 319.
You know, he's giving me
the answer that I wanna hear.