Dust to Glory

Gas only! Gas only!
Gas only! Gas only!
11-X. 1:05:55.
30 seconds apart.

1- X is right behind him.
Andy didn't only wanna take the lead.
He wanted to keep it.

The first place he led
was the last place he wanted to...

the silt beds. Where a motorcycle
can be swallowed whole.

He took a center line.
Held it wide open. And prayed.

While Andy headed for the coast
as fast as he could go.

Johnny took the perfect line.
He knew where every nook was
and every cranny.

As luck would have it.
One of the few witnesses of this race

was the man who cut Andy
from the Honda A Team.

He's riding in that helicopter.
While the course is marked.
There is sometimes certain creativity.

Although you do run the risk
of missing a checkpoint

because the checkpoints
are kept secret.

A lot of racing down here
is doing your homework.

Part of Baja
is a lot of free running.

I had some alternate ways
and lines and stuff,

and if I had to use them I would.