Dust to Glory

Coming up on the left-hand
side of the screen.

Andy Grider neck-and-neck
with Johnny Campbell.

Andy holds the lead
and will all the way to the highway.

Today is his day.
By this point in the race.
Andy had battled the 1-X bike
for over 200 miles.

T seemed beyond comprehension.
Neil had set up Andy's pit
12 miles down the road
from the Honda A Team.

For Johnny.
This was the end of the race.

Steve would ride
the next 350 miles to the finish.

Get Mark with the oil.
Tell Mark we need oil. Oil.
Andy was finished as well.
Chuck Dempsey would take over the bike.
We're probably gonna need
to patch it at both ends.

Hey, my radio ain't working.
I can't hear Bruce for some reason.

Steve was off.
He had 12 miles of pavement
before he hit new dust.

- Go!
- Let's go, let's go!

- Go!
- Good job, good job.

Make some dust!
Make some dust, buddy!
Make some dust, Chuck!

Clear it out, clear it out.
Go, go, go!