Dust to Glory

A father and his son.
An icon and his legacy.
An epic race witnessed
mostly by cactus.

No TV. No adoring crowds.
Just the clarity of the moment.

A clarity that can give a racer a greater
appreciation of place and of people.

An awareness of the give and take.
The golden rule.

For six-time champion
Malcolm Smith.

Giving back is more important
than any victory.

One of Malcolm's favorite things to do
is to visit a little community

just outside of Trinidad.
He and his son Alex
bring their bikes and buggies

and give the local kids a thrill.
How can I give back to Baja
some of the enjoyment I've had?

We started donating time
and effort and money

about eight years ago here.
They only had a little bit of one house done
when we first started here.

No, it's really fun.
We come down here every year
and I've been seeing kids here

for eight years now.
And it's kind of nice to come down here
and see 'em over and over again.

Two days after we filmed this.
Malcolm. Alex.
And a dozen of Alex's classmates

poured the foundation for a library
to be built right there on turn four.

The kids truly appreciate the time
and attention the Smiths give them.

Being orphans.
They know it's not always available.

They are all from Mexicali,
Tijuana, Ensenada.

And we have a few
from the local town, Valle de Trinidad.

It brings tears to my eyes
thinking of these kids being abandoned
on the streets of Mexico,

and now to think what they have here
and what opportunities they have here.

To me that's the most important thing
about Malcolm.

He wants to be here.
He wants to feel
what it's to be with our kids

and, you know, spend some times
and, you know, give them some joy,

not only the bunk beds they receive,
not only the water pump they receive,
or all the things they have
because of Malcolm Smith.

I learned lessons from 'em,
like you can never quit down here

'cause if you do,
it's a major problem for you.

You can never quit on any race,