Edvard Munch

such as Christian Krohg, age 32,
whose own canvases, showing
a direct concern for life

both in his own middle-class milieu
and in the poorer class,

have already pioneered "Naturalism"
in Norwegian art.

How much do they earn?
One crown a day.
How old are the children?
The oldest is 14.
The youngest girl is 12.

The most important thing in art
is its own means, like colour.
It doesn't matter so much what you paint.
You can paint horse dung or anything.

- Then you paint for yourself?
- The colour must be a joy to see.

Fritz Thaulow,
leading Naturalist painter,

whose work reflects
the opposing Norwegian school of art.

People must undergo
an experience looking at art.

But which people? The bourgeoisie.
They can afford to buy works of art.
But what about those
who queue for food?

For Edvard Munch,
the artistic problem lies deeper,

somehow to express the tension
growing in himself and in his family.

There has been a lot of illness
and death in our family.

Mamma died of tuberculosis
when she was 30 years old

and Granny died of the same
disease when she was 36.