Ethan Mao

I thought we were going
to your place

Are you okay?
Just relax. Let me do all the work
That was the first time I got fucked
I never talked to him or
saw him on-line again

Taking it up the ass is
not as bad as you think

You get paid a lot more if you do
It's not as tiring as giving
a blow job or a hand job

This is my favorite position
lying on my stomach
Because I don't even have
to see his face

I was never exactly your happy
suburban kid...

but things took a strange turn...
when I started to explore
my sexuality on-line

That was just about a year ago
when I was still going to school

and working at
my dad's restaurant

Don't forget to lock the door
We're closed
Bag up all the money
Okay, just chill
What's going on?
Give me the cash, now!