Ethan Mao

Look, I know you're scared
But trying so hard to act tough
isn't going to get you anywhere

Just be yourself
and keep your eyes open

Look, I'm going to pay for this
and I'll leave you alone

Do you have a place to stay?
Wanna crash at my place?

I'm not going to fuck you
if that's what you're thinking

I know how you feel
I've been there

What's your name?
Ethan. Ethan Mao
Hey, Christina. How are you?
Yeah. I'll be down there
around eleven

OK. See you
Do you want me to come with you?
You really need
a good night's sleep

I feel like doing
a couple more lines

You need your rest
You haven't slept in over a day

Can I ask you a favor?
Tell me about it
I need to get some stuff
from my parents' house

Can you give me a ride?