Ethan Mao

Oh, Ethan
I miss my mom so much
You're gonna come with me, right?

To my dad's house, right?
I promised
Will be give me a massage?
Do you want to fuck me?
For the things you've done for me
like letting me stay here you know

it's okay if you want to fuck me
I don't care. Just get it over with
I don't want to fuck you, Ethan
I told you that from day one

Why are you so good to me?
Do you remember Rubin?
That big older white guy?
I never told you this
but I was his boyfriend
for almost two years

He deals higher stuff like coke
He set me up to do
what I'm doing now

So what are you trying to tell me?
I had no money, and I didn't know
anyone when I first came out here

I needed to be with him
you know what I mean?

He was completely in love with me
but I wasn't even attracted to him

How do you know you're in love?