Ethan Mao

We gave you the cell phone
for emergency use only

I know. Sorry, dad
Maybe Noel has a girlfriend
He's too young to have a date
This is America, Abe. Not China
My family never
celebrates Thanksgiving

So what do they do?
They usually take a road trip
to meet some family friends

Thanksgiving is the only day off
we have from the restaurant

My adopted mom
She made great turkeys

Did you bring the jade?
Of course, I did
Are you sure?
Yes, darling
Can you check?
Can you find it?
Can't we give it
to her some other time?

We see them only once a year
Can you find it?

I'm sorry, Darling
It must have slipped my mind

You're not turning around
are you, Abe?

I just asked you
to do a very simple thing