Ethan Mao

What the hell?
Shut up, Josh
Just do what he says
Ethan, what are you doing?
This ingrate has come back
to rob us

You're gonna fry for this
You think I'm still going
to take your shit?

Ethan, no
For all the years you've
been shitting on me and Noel

I really feel like blowing
your brains out right now

Ethan, he's your brother
You mustn't hurt him
My brother? He's not my brother
He never treated me like one

And you are a back-stabbing bitch
Look at me
Look me in the eyes and...

tell me you didn't take that
magazine from my room

I just found it, Ethan
My mother loved you and
worked for you all her life and...

you treated her like a dog
This woman is a leech
and you treated her like a queen
What do you see in her?
Don't talk to me like this
I talk to you however
the fuck I please

You've got our money. Now leave
Don't you ever come back again
or I'll kill you, you monster

Maybe I'm a monster
But I didn't ask to be born

And one more thing
I want my mom's necklace back

It isn't worth anything
It's not yours. Where is it?
It's not here. It's in the safety
deposit box at the bank

It's Thanksgiving, Ethan
Well, then. We just have
to wait till tomorrow morning

Get it first thing, and we'll leave