Ethan Mao

Yes, Dad
Tomorrow, only one of you goes
Well it has to be Sarah
The safety deposit box
is under her name

Don't worry. I'll give it to you...
it's not worth anything
Don't you get it?
It's not how much it's worth
It's all I have of her

So everyone understands
and is going to abide by this deal

Including you
Don't worry
I want nothing from you guys

I'm only here because of Ethan
But if any of you comes
at me with a knife again

I'll have no problem
in shooting him or her

May I please go and
change now, Ethan?

Yes. But Remigio
is going with you

I'm hungry
Can I cook something
for them to eat?

Yes, you may. Why don't you
clean up your mom's mess?

What's your name?
That's unique. My name is Sarah
So Romeo
how did you meet Ethan?

I'll leave that up to your imagination
I need some privacy
Use the bathroom. And please
don't try anything stupid

Oh my my... you don't trust me?