Ethan Mao

I just hope Dad's gonna be fine
He's tough. He'll be fine
I know he'd never say it
But he cares about you

He cares more about money
He'd sell any of us out for money
That's what I hate about him
So Remigio seems cool
So are you...

We're just friends
You ever think of coming home?
It's too late now
I need to change
Romeo, why don't you
watch over me?

Your mother must be
very beautiful

I don't remember
what she looks like

I was only three
when she gave me up

I know she is, because you're
a very handsome young man

You're in love with Ethan
aren't you?

I can tell
Have you ever been
with a woman before?

You have a very firm grip, Remigio
Stop fucking with my mind
and go get dressed

Or what? You're gonna shoot me?