Fantastic Four

Typical of Victor Von Doom to build
a 30-foot statue of himself.

Well, it's obviously aimed
at first-time visitors...

to create feelings
of smallness, inadequacy.

Good thing it ain't working.
Reed, what are we doing here?
This guy's fast-food, strip-mall science.

This wasn't our first stop,
in case you forgot.

Besides, Victor's not that bad.
He's just a little larger than life.

My research suggests that exposure
to a high-energy cosmic storm...

borne on solar winds might have triggered
the evolution of early planetary life.

In six weeks, another cloud
with the same elemental profile...

will pass Earth's orbit.
A study conducted in space could
fundamentally advance our knowledge...

about the structure of the human genome,
cure countless diseases...

extend human life, give kids a chance
to live longer, stronger, healthier...

Turn it off, please.
I don't think I have explained
my proposal fully.

No, I think you have.
Same old Reed, always stretching,
reaching for the stars...

with the weight of the world on his back.
But dreams don't pay the bills, do they?
You remember, when we were in school
we talked about working together.

Well, that's what I was about to explain.
The storm is deadly.
But the shields on
your station's control room...

are designed to protect
any occupants inside.

So it's not just my money you want.
It's my toys.
Tell me, if NASA doesn't trust you,
then why should I?

That's my job, to stay a step ahead.
To know what other men don't.
I can't take this.
Ben, this is business, just work.
He's right, Ben. It is just business.
I think you both know my Director
of Genetic Research, Susan Storm.