Fantastic Four

- How's she doing?
- Stable and her vitals are strong.

Blood panels show no irradiation. Good.
- You'll step up this protocol every...
- Every four hours, yes.

We know what we're doing.
Another day of observation
and you're all clear.

Excuse me.
More flowers from Mr. Von Doom.

She's allergic to orchids.
Put the sunflowers by her bed,
they're her favorites.

Well, Victor...
the bank would like to congratulate you...
on the fastest freefall
since the Depression.

We can't even give your stock away.
Ned, you know I can turn this around.
Well, you're going to have to, Victor,
or we pull out.

You have a week.
You're enjoying this, aren't you, Ned?
One week.
Where do we think we're going?
I don't know if we've noticed...
but the sickest runs this side of the Alps
are right outside that window.

Yeah, I've noticed,
but there are rules here.

- You can't leave until we...
- Until we've finish the tests.

I know, I've never been good with rules.
You let me know how those come out.

- Do you wanna help me with this zipper?
- You know, this is not a ski resort.

Not yet. Luckily, Grandma still sends
care packages, though.

You know, it's amazing, for an 80-year-old
woman, you'd be surprised...