Fantastic Four

Care to join me?
I can only stay for one drink
'cause I have to meet Victor.

Well, wouldn't want to keep Vic waiting.
Reed, what are you doing here?
I thought...
Great! Maybe you can join us.
How's the IPO now?
It's falling. We're looking at low 20s.
It's a good number
considering the fallout from...

From Reed's disaster?
Get me on the a. m. Shows,
Larry King, the cover of the Journal.

I have to do something about this scar.
Make sure they only shoot me
from my left side.

Actually, the scar's tracking well.
People seem to think it humanizes you.
And that's a good thing?
You know,
maybe you should get some rest.

First, I have some unfinished business.
A deal that needs closing.
Sir, I have always wondered, why Sue?
You could have any other woman
in the world.

That's why.
Because I could have any other woman.

- No, let me tell the story.
- No, let him tell the story.

- You all right?
- Yeah, bad shrimp.

I think I better go lie down.
Excuse me.
Oh, God!