Fantastic Four

Get back, everybody!
Get back in your vehicle.
We'll tell you when you can go.

- What do we do now?
- We're not going to get past these guys.

But you could.
Sorry about the truck, pal. Come on.
A little help, here?
You wanna hit the button, sir?

It's stuck.
Sue, your clothes. Lose them.
This is so wrong.
- Wow, you've been working out.
- Shut up!

All right.
All right, freeze!
Now just...
Just put the man in the seat down.
Do it!
Any more great ideas?
Why don't you strip down
and have a 100 people stare at you?

- Sue.
- What?

I'm gonna need therapy.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Excuse me. Coming through.
All right, now just back away from him.
And I want you to put your hands
on your head...

954 approaching scene.
I still can't believe you made me do that.
We got through, didn't we? Just find Ben.