Fantastic Four

Victor, wait.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry
the mission didn't go as planned.

Didn't go as planned?
It was a catastrophe.

You ruined the lives of four people.
With all due respect, we're both to blame.
I told you to abort.

I put my company, my name,
billions of dollars on the line.

I will not let you make me look like a fool.
Victor, if we can understand...
I don't wanna understand it!
This isn't one of your science projects!

I just wanna fix it. Fast!
Is there a problem?
No problem, Ben.
Just pay your damn electric bill
and get to work on finding a cure.

He's heating up from his core.
And his vitals are completely normal.
If we're going to identify
the source of the mutation...

we need to isolate
your recombinant DNA...

so we can activate positional genomes.
We have to do a physical
in order to see what got zapped.

Why didn't you just say so?
His internal organs are completely solid.
How bad is it?
You know, I used to smoke.
It's not invisibility per se.
You should be able to bend light
around other objects, even people...

if you could control
your emotional state better.