Fantastic Four

I just wanted to share an apartment.
What was so complicated about that?

- There were a lot of variables to consider.
- No, there weren't.

There was you and me.
There were no variables, no math.

It was actually
the simplest thing in the world.

But like always, Reed,
your head got in the way.

- No, it didn't.
- Then what was it?

Did you feel anything when I left?
Do you feel anything right now?
Hey, guys.
I think we have a serious problem.
So what's the prognosis?
Your tissue, your organs, your entire
biophysical structure is changing.

Every system is still functioning somehow.
And it's changing into?
I don't really know.
Some kind of organic-metallic alloy...
stronger than titanium or carbon steel,
harder than diamonds.

Like the shields
Reed said would protect us.

How long?
At this rate, the infection could be
complete in two, maybe three weeks.

What do you mean complete?
I wish I could tell you.
I can't pretend to know
what we're dealing with here.

I'll have to notify the CDC.
- What?
- Centre for Disease Control.

I know what it is.
If this thing is contagious, we may have
a big problem on our hands.

We're talking about an epidemic here.
Look at me.
I have a life.
I'm the face of a billion-dollar company.
We need to keep this confidential.
Victor, this disease is progressive,
degenerative. I have to notify someone...

That's terrible news.