Fever Pitch

It's what the players wear.
It's authentic.
I gotta be honest.
This is getting me hot.

Listen. Um, you know,
I saw you on ESPN.

Oh. We looked like
morons, didn't we?

Uh, yeah, yeah, total.
Not you so much, but-

Well, it's very hot,
you know. It's Florida.

You start seeing things.
Um, you know, Ben...
I didn't realize how big
this Red Sox thing is with you.

Hey, I told you.

See, this is-This always happens.
Every time I-

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't jump off a building.
We're just talking.

- Sorry. Knee jerk.
- Ben, come on, man. The cold cuts are gone.

- Let's go in there.
- Two minutes!

Wow. I really hit
a nerve there, didn't I?


Come here.
Thank you.
I think there's a better approach
to this whole Red Sox thing.

- Really?
- Yeah. After all, if I want this promotion...

I am going to have to push myself
really hard this summer.

And I've never really been very good
at servicing myself, my job and a relationship.

Wait, wait.
We're not breaking up, are we?

- No, no, this is a good thing.
- Okay.

You're gonna be so consumed with all of this
that you won't feel neglected all summer.

No, no, yeah,
I'm not gonna feel neglected.

And I won't feel guilty
for having to do my job.

Yeah, you shouldn't.
So, what I'm saying is,
I think this is perfect.

All right. Go, Sox!
We got 'em right here, folks. Come on down.
Cut your deficit and balance your budget.

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