First Descent

The worst was, standing up
at the top with Terje...

and then I'm just
thinking over in my head,
like, my mom and dad, like-

I'd gotten, like,
four sit-down talks with them-

"Okay, I know Terje is gonna go with you.
Don't let him take you up anywhere."

I was just standing up there like, wow,
I'm just doing the total opposite
of what everybody's told me.

It's just kind of getting over that fear
of what everybody's telling me...

and just kind of
taking my own look at it.

## [Ends ]
[White ]
I'll be honest-
I had a little shake going.

I was, like-
Like right beforeyou drop in,
like, the X-Games pipe,
you got a little bit of a shake going.

And that's exactly what it was.
I was just like, okay, well, if it slides,
you're just gonna fly that way.

Oh! It was fun.
It's just such
a different mind-set out here.

I'm such a farways away from
where I wasjust a couple weeks ago.