Habana Blues

Things are looking up,
the wind's at my back.

This is a war
and there's no end in sight.

Who knows how long
the lies will last.

People in the street
have their minds on hold.
This may be a party,
but we aren't having fun.
So take a ride to the other side.
Night is on lts way...
Take a ride to the other side.
The rumba's playing
so start dancing. Let's get crazy.
lf you can't beat 'em, forget 'em.
We're recording. Let's get to it.
Turn that down.
Get your feet off the bed,
you're notat home.

How about some coffee?
l need some coffee.
Here we go.
Dammit! One, two, three...

Take it easy.
Make up your mind.

-You've got it wrong.

Like this.
There it is!
Let's go again.

That's my boy!
You guys, aIl set.
Okay, guys.
We're ready to go.

Gentlemen, we're all set!
Lucio, here's the song Iist
and recording order.

Too many songs for 3 days.
We have no choice.
Everyone ready?