Habana Blues

What day do you Ieave?
ln three weeks,
more or Iess. Why?
My mom might selI the apartment
to my cousin Betty.

Where do I come in?
You probabIy won't come back,
so we might seII it.

Why probabIy?
Why wouId you come back?
Spain has anything you need.
And Tito's dying to stay there.
But if you're coming back,
we need someone to Iook after it.

Your mom shouId selI it
if she wants to.

Don't be a shithead.
She said she'd selI it
if you planned to stay in Spain.

It's not my probIem.
Don't Iook at me that way.
You know exactIy
how you're Iooking at me.

Who cares?
l do. I'm not your wife anymore.
Or did you forget?

l'lI be frank with you guys.
This contract,
reIatively speaking, is crap.
lf you were established

musicians you'd throw it back
in my face.

But you're getting started
and it's reasonable.

It lasts for three years.
During that time

the company owns your work.
-AIl of it?
-AIl of it.

Nothing is done without
the company's consent.

That has to be totalIy cIear.
-You foIlow me?
-Get me out ofhere

and I'Il foIlow you anywhere.
From the moment we leave Havana,
and during the first six months,

the company wiII take care of you.
In Madrid you'Il have

room and board
and spending money.

After six months,
you're on your own.

With what money?
Your cutof concert profits.
What's our cut?
25 percentthe first year.
Itgrows yearly up to 60 percent.