Hellraiser: Deader

Let go of me!
You won't get away with this!
You are lucky to have
a boss like me.

Once again, I have saved
your small but relatively
shapely behind.

At least you got to travel.
What were they gonna charge
me with, anyway?

Charge you?
They were thinking
of shipping you

to the asylum for observation.
Believe me, you go in there,
you don't come out.

Got your stuff?
Why did you give me
this story, Charles?

Who else would have taken it?
They're gonna think
it's bullshit,

or they're gonna be too afraid.
But Amy Klein.
Tell me it's real, Amy.
It's real.
Or I'm crazy.
Either way, it's a good story.
You see, Amy,
for the average person,

the hunger for knowledge
is like the hunger for food.

We want to know just enough to
take the edge off our appetite.

Then we're satisfied,
and we stop.

But you are a glutton.
You can't help overeating.
- I don't hear you complaining.
- No, that's the point.

That's why I still need you.
'Cause all that stuff
I don't eat, I still want.

So I send you in to do
the eating for me

so I get to experience it
without actually suffering
any mental indigestion.

Thanks a lot.
So, I do all the suffering.

Nobody's forcing anything
down your throat, correct?

I'm not here to save people,
and I'm not here to judge them.

I take them as they come
and use them as they pass by.

You know, there's something
vaguely demonic about you.

Did you know the word "demon"
comes from the Greek word
for "knowledge"?