But you are not "most guys".
The secret to a kiss,
is to go 90% of the way.
And then hold.
For how long?
As long as it takes.
For her to come the other 10.
OK, 90-10.
Got it.

OK. Come on and shake it off.
It's your turn.
I had a really nice time tonight, Albert.
Great night tonight too, Allegra.
Isn't it weird?
What's up?
I'm not feeling that.
What do you mean? I came 90.
I'm not feeling like you want it.
Look, I'm Allegra Cole. The woman of your dreams.
The woman whose green eyes are limpid pools of desires.
Now show me the magic, Albert.
Show me the magic.
What's the hell was that?

I'm showing you the magic.
No, I said come 90 then I come 10.
You don't go the whole 100.
My mouth wasn't open, Albert.
You over eager son of wah...

Other than that, how was it?
They came together. They danced together and they left together.
He's cute. She got kind of way.
Hey, for all I know, he's adorable.
With him dating her, it's...
You seem stressed.
You and I had an understanding.
If you invite Allegra, you are supposed to call me.
Sara, I didn't invite her.