Code three!
I'm taking fire, I'm taking fire!

Get on the fucking couch!
I gotta fucking think, man,

- Fuck! Shit,
- Dennis, in my desk I have contacts

for lawyers and judges,
- I can help you get out of this, Dennis,
- Fuck! Don't say my fucking name!

- No! No!
- Dennis! Dennis! Dennis!

Stop it!
Daddy, no! Daddy, wake up!
Fuck you,
Flores is down. Flores is down!
Heads down, heads down,
I'm coming up to...

- Hector, you all right?
- Jesus!

Jesus Christ, what are you doing?
They ran your truck, dawg,
They know we've been jacking cars,

- Shit,
- Attention, you in the house.

This is Chief Talley
of the Bristo Camino Police Department.

I'm gonna bring my car closer
so I can evacuate the injured officer,

I am not coming in the house,
I repeat: I am not coming in the house,

Do not shoot me,
Do not shoot at me.
Carol, come on, Give me your hand,
Hang on, Come on,
Come on,
Just hang on, Hang on,