House of 9

Who was just in here?
What are you talking about?

Somebody was just in here
looking for this!

Lf it wasn't him it was you!
Why me?

Because it wasn't one
of the girls, was it?

Put that down!
I wouldn't know what to do with it!
Well, he would!

Would what?
Oh yeah, I get it. All us blacks
are the same, aren't we?

You see him busting a cap
on somebody's ass?

You know, I've had
enough of your shit!

Put away the gun and
les go now, come on!

Why is no one asking him?

No, he was with me!

Well, maybe you're just saying
that because he's your husband!

I'm not a liar!
Well, maybe someone else is
in here with us!

No, is impossible.
That only leaves one.

Whas everyone coming down
on me for?

Is not 'cause you're black, mate!
Listen, what would you know?

Twenty-year-old white bitch!
Fuck you!

Shut up!
What are you two talking about?
English, speak English!

What the hell do you care?
You're not in France now, alright?

Please! We must keep our
differences out of the equation.

For you Father, yeah.
Fuck this bullshit! You expect me
to sleep in this house?

Is not going to work,
you know.

I know how desperate people get
in these situations. I've seen it.