House of Wax

Can't you be more careful?
I'm doing the best I can.
He's out of control.

Sit still. Stop it!
Please hold him.
Don't do that. Stop kicking!
Why can't you be
more like your brother?

Be quiet!
Shut up!
There's a place in Tribeca for 3000.
That's too expensive. The money I saved up
won't cover two months' rent.

I'm gonna have to work every second
I'm not in class until graduation.

- Carly, don't even think about not going.
- I'm not.

Good. Because you know
how proud I am of you.

- It's just an internship.
- At InStyle magazine.

Or would you rather stay
at the Waffle House as a waitress forever?

- No, thanks.
- Yeah.

- Hey, babe.
- Hi.

Sorry, there were these two drunk rednecks
wrestling in the bathroom.

- Really?
- There's no rednecks in New York.

No. There's not.
I'm gonna go see
what Blake's doing.