House of Wax

Dude, it's over.
It'll move.
It's not moving.
- We'll make the second half.
- I'm not sitting in this.

- What do you want me to do?
- We have to go back.

- Turn around.
- I'm not missing this game.

- Turn the car around, okay?
- They're waiting for us already.

Slow down, speedy. God.
Miss Ambrose.
Wonder how many teeth
you have to have to win that one.

- This is kind of nice.
- Yeah.

Oh, wait. Babe, there's a pet store.
- Oh, great.
- Come on.

Are those puppies? Oh, my God.
Look at them.

They're cute. Adorable.
Maybe next time. Come on.

Come on.
- You see anybody?
- No, nobody.

- Hello?
- Hey, it's me. We're heading back.

Really? Why? What happened?
Traffic. Did you get that fan belt
thing or whatever?

No. There's no one at the gas station.
I don't know where we're going right now.

So where do you want us to pick you up?
Just head up the road that we got off at
for the campsite.

It's washed out at the end.
Call us when you get there.

Continuing coverage...
We'll camp in the same place as yesterday,
but away from that pet cemetery.

Cool. See you then.
- There's that house of wax.
- Wade, what about the fan belt?

Well, there's no one at the station.