Ice Princess

- Something wrong, Mr. Bast?
- No, not at all.

I was curious if you'd
started weighing college options.

Options? Uh...
Heard of the Helen Stoller
Physics Scholarship?

It's given to a student from this state
who shows most promise in science.

Wouldn't that be Ann or... Wyatt?
No, it's you.
You have a calling, Casey.
I do?
- What is it?
- Physics.

- Uh... sure.
- You're very lucky.

Most people search their
whole lives for their calling.

- How do you know you have a calling?
- Your brilliant teacher tells you.

And of course your 11 straight A-pluses
on exams is a hint.

You'll need a letter from me
for the scholarship

and think about a special
physics project over the summer.

Something unusual but personal.
Let them know you a little.
- He says it's my calling.
- QED.

How is this "quite easily demonstrated"?
You're as good in physics as I am.

Not even close. I grind, you glide.
Event horizon.
One day that guy will wake up
and realize he needs a math tutor.

And that tutor will be me.
Figure out how to get us invited to
even one party and you win the Nobel.