Ice Princess

Hey, you're Casey, right?
Here's an invite
to my boyfriend's party.

You're in chem lab
with Julian Wilson, right?

- Mm-hm.
- Can you give that to him?

That was way inconsiderate.
I love Mr. Bast.
If he uncovered a scholarship
I didn't know about, he's a genius.

And to think they pay him
almost nothing.

The devaluation of teachers
in our society, it just...

- It blows my mind.
- Mom.

I'm back. Sorry.
I have to figure out
what he wants from me.

I mean, what is
a personal science project?

Isn't the nature of science supposed
to be completely unbiased and factual?

Now he wants the inner me, too?
The whole secret of the study of nature
lies in learning how to use one's eyes.

- You know who said that?
- I'm guessing it was a woman.

That was written by George Sand,
a woman forced to use a man's name

because she couldn't get published.
- Mom.
- Okay.

Anyway, I always tell my students,
"You'll know your topic
when you learn how to use your eyes. "

Oh! Oh, no...
She had it locked up.
I need to eat ice cream and all
your mother has is leftover tofu.

- Can we go?
- Sh! Sh!

Look at that recovery! Amazing.
She'll still place.
She's so precise.
I mean, down to the last...

You know...
I bet there is
an exact aerodynamic formula.